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Wine gifts for Mother's Day

With Mother's Day on the horizon, it's time to get organised and find something nice for Mum.

Mother's day bottle

It's difficult to suggest wines, as every Mum's tastes and preferences are going to vary widely, but here are a few good value contenders that have something extra special about them.

1) "The Ned" Pinot Grigio.

Most Pinot Grigio loving Mums head for the Italian section of the wine aisle and grab a bottle of fresh, light pale lemon coloured tipple. Well, this offering from New Zealand brand "The Ned" will have them doing a double take. Why?

For starters, it's from New Zealand. The grape isn't a stranger in the Southern Hemisphere, it's just that normally the Kiwis call it by the French name Pinot Gris, so why The Ned have chosen to refer to its Italian name is a bit of a mystery. Especially as the resulting wine bears little resemblance to the Italian variety.

The wine has a coral coloured tint to it, which comes from a bit of skin contact during the wine making process. (That's the grape skin, which is a greyish blue colour). Also with the skin contact comes a fuller body and more complexity to the flavours.

There is a touch of sweetness to the wine, and it packs a punch when it comes to the alcohol level - a whopping 14%.

It's getting rave reviews from Waitrose Cellar customers, where there is 20% off the price until 9th April 2019. At £7.49, this represents £2 saving.

It is also available at Sainburys, where it is £8.50 - a reduction of £1.50 until 9th April 2019.


2) Priorat - Red Spanish wine from Morrisons.

For Mums that love full bodied red wines, a Rioja is the obvious choice. So ditch the obvious, and try something different but equally delicious; a Priorat.

Priorat wines come from the North East corner of Spain, where the region in Catalonia is small but dynamic and the wines have been growing in reputation.

So why is Priorat special enough for your Mum?

Along with Rioja, Priorat is only one of two Spanish regions with DOCa status (or DOQ in Catalan). This basically means the wines bearing this classification are awarded the highest wine status in Spain.

What makes the Priorat region different is its mineral rich black slate soils known as Licorella, which reflect the heat. The vines are planted on the steep terraces of the arid, craggy hills, and the combination of low-yielding vines, soil and oak ageing produces wines of real depth and complexity.

Because of the elevated quality and low yields, Priorat wines can be expensive. This example from Morrisons is a blend of garnacha and carignan grapes, and at £10, is reasonably priced for its quality.


3) Pedrino Sherry and Tonic

The Pedrino range of mini bottles are new on the market and are like grown up alcopops. Our favourite is the "Sherry and Tonic", made up of Pedro Ximenez sherry (which is really sweet - think of boozy raisins) with some citrus botanicals and watered down with tonic water for a refreshing summer drink.

Pedrino suggest serving it on its own with ice and a slice, which is delicious, but they also say it can be used as the mixer for a gin and tonic. This seems to make little sense to us, as you'd lose the flavour of both. They could also be used in cocktails to replace the spirit... worth a play around?

Also in the range are a Port and tonic, which we tried and thought it tasted a little of cherryade, and a Vermouth and tonic.

At £1.95 each, or 3 for £5 at Waitrose, these will make an ideal "little something" for Mum. They are also low in alcohol - 5.5% - so won't give Mum a headache in the morning..... unless she downs a few too many.

Find out more from Pedrino's website, and buy online at Waitrose Cellar.


Other gifts for Mum

Range of coasters from Adnams

1) Beer gifts

If your Mum is more into real ales, Adnams Southwold have a range of unusual gifts promoting their various brands, such as Ghost Ship, Copperhouse, Broadside and Blackshore Stout. The range of gifts suits all budgets and include beach towels, tea towels, bar runners, ice buckets, tote bags, t-shirts, mugs, glasses (to drink out of - not beer goggles!) and even cycle jerseys!

Take a look at the Adnams Online shop

2) Wine Society Gift Membership

The Wine Society is the UK's original co-operative wine merchant. Owned by its members, the society sources amazing wines from around the world to sell to its members without the profit margins, meaning you can get delicious quality wines for pocket friendly prices.

There's no commitment to buy at any time - you just become a member and place an order when you like.

Membership costs a one-off lifetime fee of £40, and there's £20 off the first order. Read more about gift memberships on the Wine Society website

3) A visit to a vineyard

Grapes on the vine

We love touring vineyards and wineries! Whilst the winemaking process is similar everywhere, you can always learn and see something new each time you visit a different winery. The Activity Superstore have a range of places and experiences to choose from - starting from £34 for two people. Hopefully Mum will choose to take you along too!

Take a look at the experiences on the Activity Superstore website.

4) Real wine gums

Real wine gums from Firefox

The Mother's Day equivalent to a stocking filler, you could get a sweet loving Mum some wine gums... made from real wine! You can choose from various flavours including Chardonnay, rosé, Merlot and Riesling. They’re suitable for vegans, veggies, those with nut allergies, lactose intolerance, and even aversions to fat and artificial colourings. Just not tee-totallers.

At £8.99 for a packet, you can buy them online from the Firefox website.

Gifts if you have deeper pockets!

5) Vine Rental

So, you can't afford to buy Mum a vineyard, but this could be the next best thing - Rent a row of vines that produce Grand Cru wines in the prestigious region of St Emilion. The gift includes a certificate, one bottle from the 2011 vintage (value £39.97), one bottle from the 2012 vintage (value £39.97) and one bottle from the 2015 vintage (value £39.97), all shipped in separate silk lined wooden presentation box with four wine accessories (corkscrew, wine pourer, drip stopper & wine thermometer), a limited edition 'Great First Growths of Bordeaux' Print (worth £49.97) and the chance to buy the latest vintage release at preferential rates.

The offer is available from Vintage Wine Gifts website and costs £159.97.

6) Vine Adoption

If you like the idea of renting a vine, but don't want to spend as much as the St Emilion scheme, then the Three Choirs Vineyard in Gloucestershire offer a more modest "Adopt a Vine Scheme", which for £39.50 you will receive:

- A certificate of adoption (which is valid for a year)

- A name plate to put on the vine of choice

- 20% discount if you buy 6 bottles of wine or more

- Two tickets for the daily wine experience and tasting

- 10% discount on the Three Choirs standard B&B room rates

You can buy the package online from the Three Choirs website.

7) Special bottles in beautiful gift boxes

Beautifully presented wine gifts in boxes

If Mum has an affinity for vintage clarets, or port, then Vintage Wine and Port not only have a staggering array of choice, but can send the bottle in beautiful gift boxes. From oak wooden boxes with silk lining, to dark mocha leather boxes, double and triple boxes and a range that include accessories, these are special gifts for your special Mum! All packaging includes tasting notes and a personalised message. UK delivery is free for orders over £100.

Take a look at the range on the Vintage Wine and Port website.

8) Foreign wine tours on foot or by bike

A view of Burgundy on an Exodus walking holiday

For the ultimate gift for an adventure loving Mum who is into food and drink, then Exodus Travel have some exciting tours of wine country by bike or on foot. Trips include:

  • Self guided river walk along the Dordogne

  • Gastronomic self guided Barolo tour

  • Walking the wine villages of Piedmont

  • Wine villages of Provence (self guided cycling)

  • Cotes du Ventoux (self guided cycling)

  • Cycle through the unspoilt countryside of Chianti

  • Chateaux of the Loire Cycling tour..... and many more

Holidays range from 5-9 days and range in price. Search over 600 holidays on Exodus Travel website.


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