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WSET3 - Test yourself

Updated: May 27

Study, study, study

As a WSET3 student I was frustrated when it came to revision as there weren't any past papers available for practice. Well, my motto is, if you don't like something, do something about it, so I created my own quizzes, as a way to help me revise and to hopefully help other students in the future.

Some quizzes are themed around the chapters of the textbook for the WSET Level 3 Award in Wines "Understanding wines: Explaining style and quality, 2016 edition", others are random (thanks to James Cluer MW for having some of these on his website -

If you feel these quizzes have helped you pass your WSET3, then please feel free to buy me a coffee / wine! I have given up my time to compile these (and will continue to add new quizzes), so any appreciation is welcome. Thank you!


Random Ten Questions 1

Wine faults

The growing environment (written answers - not multiple choice) There are no answers given with this quiz - you'll have to check the answers in the book.

Random Ten questions 2

South Africa

Sparkling wines


Austria and Hungary

Random Ten Questions 4


New Zealand

Random Ten Questions 5

Loire Valley

Port and fortified muscats

Random Ten questions 6


If you come across any mistakes, or have any feedback, feel free to drop me an email.

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